Lavenza Natural Long lasting Pink Lipstain & Lip Balm (2 in 1) with SPF | Paraben, Mineral Oil, Silicon, Perfume, Paraffin FREE | With plant butters & oils | Moisturizing & Nourishing

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About the productAbout the product

pink lip tintpink lip tint

Natural Pink lip tintNatural Pink lip tint


This Pink Lipstain glides clear on your lips, merges with your skin pH levels for a most flattering pink tint that enhances your lip’s natural beauty.

Instead of toxic chemicals, paraffins, silicones, high color content, Lavenza Pink Lipstain is made with natural ingredients, minimal amount of safe & non-toxic colors, plant butters, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil and natural waxes.

Pink Lipstain + Lip Balm (2 in 1)

Lavenza Pink Lipstain adapts to skin ph levels to create a natural, long – lasting pink shade complementing to your skin tone, making it perfect for daily use, while nourishing your lips with all the natural ingredients.

What matters!

pink lip tint

pink lip tint

pink lip stain

pink lip stain

pink lip balm

pink lip balm


Using minimal color concentration and natural ingredients, this merges with lips pH levels to deliver a beautiful, long-lasting & water- proof natural pink shade.


This repairs your lips like a lip balm!

Pure plant butters, antioxidant – rich cold pressed grapeseed oil, sunflower oil & natural waxes protect the lips from UV damage, deeply condition & heal them.


Free of silicones, paraffin wax, petroleum jelly, this extremely light weight blend glides smoothly on your lips without feeling heavy/ cakey, leaving soft, naturally pink and breathable lips.

Enriched with –

Lip balm

Lip balm



lip balm

lip balm

Plant Butters

Made with higher concentration of plant butters to not only hydrate topically but also to naturally heal lips with nourishing nutrients present in them.

Cold-Pressed Oils

Antioxidants & Vitamin E rich Grapeseed oil, Sunflower oil and castor oil protect lips from free radical damage, deeply condition, repairs & brightens lips.

Natural Waxes

Replaced synthetic waxes & paraffin with Natural and plant based sunflower and carnuba waxes to create a moisturizer barrier and shine on the lips.

What is it

Liquid Face Illuminator + Highlighter + Makeup Primer

Cleansing Balm – Daily Face Cleanser + Makeup Remover

Sugar Body Scrub + In- Shower Moisturizer

Oil free Vitamin C serum with organic flower waters, Raspberry, Nagarmotha & Licorice

100% Natural Face mask + scrub with Hibiscus, Orange peel, Strawberry powder & mineral rich clays

Key features

Oil-free; for natural dewy glow & radiance; Made with mineral based pigments & organic flower waters

Soap – free face cleanser; Cleanses makeup & impurities, Nourishes & Moisturizes (all together)

Gently polishes your skin to perfection, leaves smooth, radiant & moisturized skin; Non – sticky; Free of glycerin/ Propylene glycol & fillers

Visibly evens skin, Boosts collagen, reduces premature ageing for bright & glowing skin

Visibly brightens, Plumps up skin, Unclogs pores for glowing complexion

Handcrafted, Cruelty free, Paraben / Sulphate / fragrance free,

lip tintlip tint

Uses PH of your lips to make a VERY LONG LASTING perfect custom shade of PINK – Unique to you, without drying your lips and leaving them soft & supple.
Enriched with 100% NATURAL ingredients – SHEA BUTTER, COCOA BUTTER, Cold pressed GRAPESEED OIL, SUNFLOWER WAX & VITAMIN E to nourish your lips naturally.
Combines the function of lip balm & lip stain which makes it great for everyday use while nourishing your lips with botanical extracts. It helps to deeply hydrate and heals your lips and give antioxidant protection.
Directions – Glide on bare lips and wait for 3-4 seconds for it to change color. Also, It works great under your favorite lipstick or even on top of it for a LUSTROUS & LONG-LASTING effect.

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