Saco Chiclet Keyboard Skin for MSI Gaming MSI GL63 8RD 2018 15.6-inch Laptop – TPU

Price: ₹ 900.00 - ₹ 373.00
(as of Jan 31,2021 09:41:10 UTC – Details)

Made from high quality silicone rubber material. Simple installation, stays on keyboard directly without paste or cut unlike the universal keyboard which falls out every time. Maintains natural typing feel, soft on fingers. Translucent material that allows back light to shine through (except full black) this feature is supported in clear and black with clear models.

Suitable Laptops

  • 6RF-215CN, GP62 6QG-1281CN, T500-1060-77SH1?S5-1060-77SH1 / 77SH2 / 77SH5 GL72M 7RDX-684CN?GL72 7RDX-623CN ?GL72M 7REX-817CN GT73VR 6RF/7RF?GT73VR 6RE/7RE, WS72 6QJ?GS72 6QD, GE72?GS73VR 6RF-013CN?GP72MVR 7RFX-621CN, GS70, GS60, GT72. GE72.GL62M 7RD-223CN?GE62?GE62 Camo Squad PE62 7RD,GL62M 7RD-223CN,GL62VR 7RFX-848CN?GL62M 7REX-1650CN
  • MSI GS63VR GS73VR GS60 GS70 PE60 PE70 GE62 GE72 GL62 GT62 GL72 GT73VR WS60 WE62 GP62 GP72 GT72 GT72S CX72 CX62 WT73VR WS72 WE72
  • MSI CX62 7QL 15.6-inch Laptop
  • MSI Steel series PX60 Gaming CX62 PX60 CR62 CR72 GS30 17.3/15.6 inch
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