The Briefcase: Chills and Fever

Price: ₹ 305.62
(as of Dec 21,2020 18:27:00 UTC – Details)

Martin Zappa has disappeared taking with him a briefcase full of money belonging to his former employee Mob boss Vincent Feringhetti. But what Vince doesn’t realise is that Martin is a rat and has been working undercover with the police recording all of the mob bosses conversations through wire taps. After gathering enough information Zappa made off with five grand of money as well as the surveillance tapes. Now everyone is after Martin including two crooked cops who are concerned only with the money, a private detective who was hired by Zappa’s sister as well as the mob boss and his two henchman. But a surprise is in store for each and every person who are trying to find The Briefcase. When Martin’s sister discovers his disappearance she contacts woeful and mysterious Private Detective Peter Riley who is in the midst of suffering a terrible loss, he sets out and finds a murder enquiry that could be linked to two detectives who have a less than dignified reputation.

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